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decorator's sugar = coarse sugar = decorating sugar     To make your own:   To color, put a few drops of food coloring into a jar, then add 4 or 5 tablespoons of white decorator's sugar. Seal the jar and shake.  Substitutes:   demerara sugar OR nonpareils OR turbinado sugar


dragees (dragées)   Pronunciation:  drah-ZHAY  Notes:  These comes in gold or silver.  Substitutes:  nonpareils OR jimmies OR glitter


English toffee

halvah = halva = halavah   Pronunciation:  hall-VAH  OR HALL-vah   Notes:  This is a Turkish candy made with ground sesame seeds and honey, often with fruit and nuts added.  Look for it in the deli section of large supermarkets, or in Middle Eastern or Jewish markets.

jelly beans


nonpareils  Notes:  non-pah-REHLS  Notes:  These small colored balls are used to decorate cakes and cookies.  Substitutes:  jimmies OR dragées

peanut butter chips  Substitutes:  chocolate chips OR butterscotch chips

red hots = cinnamon red hots = cinnamon imperials 


sparkling sugar

sprinkles  Notes:  These are small candies that are sprinkled on cakes and cookies.  Varieties includes nonpareils, dragées, snowflakes, and jimmies.

varak = vark = gold leaf  Notes:  Indians use these ultra-thin sheets of gold leaf to decorate dishes.  Look for it in Indian groceries and cake decorating stores.

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