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Fatty, Firm-textured Fish

ahi  See tuna.

aku  See tuna. 

albacore  See tuna 

anago    See eel. 

anchovies   Pronunciation: ANN-choh-veez OR ann-CHOH-veez   Notes:   It's best to get these salted rather than canned.  Rinse the salt off before using.  Unopened canned anchovies can be stored for up to a year in a dry, cool place. Once opened, they will keep for up to two days if you wrap them well and refrigerate them. Substitutes:  anchovy paste (Substitute ½ teaspoon anchovy paste for each fillet.) OR smelt OR sardines 

angulas   See eel

baby eels   See eel. 

basa = tra = Mekong catfish = pangas catfish = basa catfish = white roughy = bocourti = Pacific dory = China sole . The flesh is firm and white and milder than our catfish.   Notes:  This Vietnamese catfish relative has a mild flavor and firm texture.  Substitutes:  catfish OR sole OR Chilean sea bass

bigeye  See tuna

blackfin  See tuna. 

bluefin  See tuna. 

bonita  See tuna. 


carp   Substitutes:  buffalofish OR bluefish (flakier) OR perch OR bass

catfish  Substitutes:  mahi-mahi (leaner) OR grouper (leaner) OR pike OR whitefish

conger    See eel

conger eel   See eel

eel   Notes:   These haven't caught on much in the U.S., but they're highly prized in Europe and Japan for their rich, firm meat and terrific flavor. Freshness is crucial, so always buy live eels.  Smaller eels are more tender.  This category includes conger eel = conger  = anago, which are tough saltwater eels that are sometimes available in fish markets in the spring and summer, elvers = angulas = baby eels, which are about an inch long and very expensive, and freshwater eel = unagiSubstitutes:   lamprey (more delicate) OR monkfish OR mullet (flakier texture)

elvers   See eel

freshwater eel   See eel

lamprey  Substitutes: eel (less delicate)

skipjack  See tuna

spiny eel   Notes:   In the United States, you're more likely to find these in an aquarium that in a supermarket, but Southeast Asians consider them a delicacy. 


sturgeon  Substitutes:  salmon OR swordfish OR halibut OR tuna OR whitefish

tuna  Notes:  Varieties include albacore, bluefin, blackfin, bonito, skipjack = aku, kawakawa, and the leaner yellowfin = bigeye = ahiSubstitutes:  swordfish OR sturgeon OR mako shark OR marlin OR halibut OR salmon OR mackerel  Storage:    Unopened canned tuna can be stored for up to a year in a dry, cool place. Once opened, it will keep for up to two days if you wrap it well and refrigerate it.

unagi  See eel.

yellowfin  See tuna

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