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Smoked & Dried Fish


Alaska smoked cod  See kippered black cod

bacalao  See salt cod


Bombay duck = bummalo   Substitutes: other small dried fish

bummalo  See Bombay duck.

bonito, dried = katsuobushi = katsuo-bushi   Notes:  Bonito are related to mackerel, and the Japanese dry them and use them in soups.  They're often shaved into thin flakes called bonito flakes or hanakatsuo. 

bonito flakes = dried bonito flakes = hanakatsuo = hana-katsuo =    Pronunciation:  buh-NEE-toe  Notes:   This includes kezuribushi = kezuri-bushi, a version with smaller flakes.  

dried bonito flakes  See bonito flakes. 

dried crayfish  Substitutes: dried shrimp

dried salted codfish  See salt cod.


dried shrimp  Substitutes: dried crayfish OR cooked baby shrimp (less pungent flavor)


Finnan Haddie = smoked haddock Substitutes:  smoked sturgeon OR smoked salmon


fish balls

fish paste

gravlax = gravadlax = gravlox  Substitutes:  lox

hanakatsuo  See bonito flakes

kamaboko = fish paste cake  Notes:  This colorful Japanese specialty is made of a fish paste that's been molded into logs or half-logs.  Substitutes:  surimi  

kezuribushi  See bonito flakes

kippered black cod = Alaska smoked cod = smoked sablefish =smoked sable  Substitutes:  smoked salmon OR smoked cod


lox  Shopping hints: Look for this in the deli section of your grocery stores. Substitutes: nova (This is more expensive, but less salty.) OR other kinds of smoked salmon OR other kinds of smoked fish

monkfish liver = foie de lotte = ankimo = monkfish foie gras   Notes:  This exquisite Japanese delicacy has the texture and richness of a choice pâté de foie gras.  It's usually poached, steamed, or sautéed before serving in order.  Look for it in well-stocked Japanese markets.    Substitutes:  pâté

nova  Substitutes:  Scotch salmon (similar, and considered better than nova) OR lox (less expensive, saltier)


salt cod = bacalao = dried salted codfish  Substitutes:  fresh cod (milder flavor)

Scotch salmon  Substitutes:  nova (similar, but not as well regarded) OR lox (less expensive, saltier)

shrimp powder = ground dried shrimp  To make your own:   Mix dried shrimp in a food processor until pulverized.


smoked eel

smoked haddock  See Finnan Haddie.

smoked sable  See kippered black cod.

smoked sablefish  See kippered black cod

smoked salmon


smoked sprats  Notes:  These come in cans packed in oil.  Northern Europeans like them on hearty bread.  Substitutes:  sardines

smoked whitefish  Notes:  This is delicious in salads.  Look for it in upscale delis.



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