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Synonyms:  farro = dinkle = German wheat


Spelt has been around for thousands of years, but it's recently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  It's believed to be a relative of wheat, and it tastes like a mild version of it.  Though it contains gluten, it's tolerated by many people who are allergic to gluten.  



spelt berries = spelt kernels  Equivalents:  One cup dry berries = 2.5 cups cooked berries   Notes:    Spelt has a nutty flavor, similar to that of wheat.  Though it contains gluten, it's often tolerated by people with wheat allergies.    Substitutes:  Kamut® brand berries OR wheat berries

spelt flakes = rolled spelt  Notes:   Like rolled oats, spelt flakes are commonly cooked to make a hot breakfast cereal.   Substitutes:  Kamut® brand flakes OR wheat flakes OR rolled oats 


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