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Bitter Liqueurs

bitter liqueurs = bitter spirits = bitters   Notes:    These are liqueurs and fortified wines that have a bittersweet flavor.  They're often mixed with soda and served as apéritifs.   These liqueurs are sometimes called bitters, but they're not as intensely flavored as the bitters that come in little bottles, which are normally measured out in drops.  Popular brands include Campari, Fernet Branca, Byrrh, Dubonnet, Punt è Mes,  Cynar, Suze, Jägermeister, and Amer Picon.


Amer Picon   Notes:   This is a bitter French apéritif that's usually served with water and a sweetener, or sometimes mixed with beer.   Substitutes:  Lillet OR Dubbonet OR Byrrh OR Punt è Mes OR Suze

Byrrh   Notes:  This is a tangy and bittersweet French vermouth that's made with quinine and red wine.  It's usually mixed with club soda.   Substitutes:  Dubbonet OR Punt è Mes OR Suze


Campari = Campari bitters   Notes:  This popular Italian bitters is often mixed with soda, ice, and a twist of lemon and served as an apéritif.    Substitutes:  Fernet Branca OR Punt è Mes OR Suze


Cynar   Pronunciation:   CHEE-nar  Notes:  This is a syrupy Italian liqueur that's made with artichokes, giving it a bittersweet flavor.  It's good mixed with club soda.  Substitutes:   Byrrh OR Punt è Mes  


Dubonnet  Pronunciation:   due-bun-NAY  Notes:    This is a French apéritif made with white or red wine and flavored with quinine and other herbs and spices.  The white version is drier than the red.  Substitutes:   Byrrh (more bitter) OR Punt è Mes (more bitter) OR Lillet (more bitter)


Fernet Branca  = Fernet Branca bitters  Pronunciation:   fer-NET BRAHN-kah  Notes:   This is a famous Italian brand of bitters that's supposed to ease hangovers.  It's flavored with over 40 herbs and spices.   Branca Menta is a mint-flavored version.  Substitutes:   Punt è Mes OR Campari OR Suze OR Amer Picon OR Angostura bitters OR Worcestershire sauce (in savory dishes) 


Gammel Dansk  Notes:   This Danish liqueur is flavored with 29 herbs and spices.  It's usually served at room temperature. 


Lillet   Pronunciation:  lee-LAY   Notes:   This is an expensive and light French apéritif made with wine and brandy.  There are two versions:  Lillet Blonde (white) and Lillet Rouge (red).   Substitutes:   vermouth OR Amer Picon OR port (as a substitute for Lillet Rouge.) 


Punt è Mes = Punt e Mes    Pronunciation:  POONT eh MESS  Notes:   This is a bitter form of red vermouth.  It's often mixed with soda.   Substitutes:   Byrrh OR Cynar OR vermouth OR Fernet Branca OR Campari OR Suze

Suze   Notes:   This is a bitter French apéritif.  Substitutes:  Punt è Mes OR Byrrh OR Campari OR Amer Picon


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