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Other Noodles

big couscous

cérnametélt = cernametelt 


couscous   Pronunciation:  KOOS-koos  Notes:   Includes pre-cooked couscous = instant couscous, which is the most common form, and traditional couscous, which takes longer to cook.  Many cooks think traditional couscous is worth the extra trouble.  Substitutes:  rice (Takes longer to cook)

csiga noodles = csigateszta = csiga teszta  Notes:  These tiny Hungarian egg noodles are shaped like screws.

egg noodles   Substitutes:  linguine OR fettucine OR other ribbon pasta


fadennudeln   Substitutes:  vermicelli (break into small pieces before using)


Greek egg noodles = hylopites = hilopites   


spaetzle = spätzle = spatzele = spetzli   Pronunciation:  SHPATES-luh OR SHPATE-sul   Plural:  spaetzen OR spaetzles  Notes:   Germans serve these small dumplings as a side dish, often alongside roasted meats.  Spaetzle is often topped with butter, bread crumbs, or a sauce, or tossed with cheese and onions.  Look for boxes of dried spaetzle in large supermarkets or gourmet shops.  Substitutes:   egg noodles


egg barley = Hungarian egg barley = tarhonya = egg drops   Notes:   These Hungarian dumplings are made of flour, eggs, and water.  To prepare them, fry them in butter or lard, then add water to cover.  Simmer for about 30 minutes, adding more water if necessary, until the dumplings are soft.  Look for packages of them in Hungarian or German markets.   Substitutes:  spaetzle

varnishkes  Substitutes:  farfalle OR wide egg noodles broken into 3" pieces


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