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Hispanic Spices

achiote seed  See annatto seed

achote seed  See annatto seed

achuete seed  See annatto seed

annatto seed = achiote seed = annotto seed = achote seed = achuete seed = atsuete seed = bija = bijol = roucou   Notes:   Annatto seeds don't have a lot of flavor, but they impart a rich yellowish-orange color to stews and sauces.  Look for the seeds, either whole or ground, in Latin American or Caribbean markets.  To extract the color, steep the seeds in boiling water for about 20 minutes, then discard the seeds.    Substitutes:   yellow food coloring OR hot paprika OR equal parts turmeric and paprika  

annotto seed  See annatto seed

atsuete seed  See annatto seed

bija  See annatto seed

bijol  See annatto seed

cayenne pepper = ground red pepper = red pepper  Pronunciation:  ki-YEN  Notes:   Dried cayenne peppers are sold either whole, crushed (called red pepper flakes), or ground into a powder called cayenne pepper.  Cayenne pepper is fairly hot and has a smoky flavor.   Substitutes:  red chile powder (don't confuse with chili powder, a mixed seasoning) OR paprika (milder) OR red pepper flakes OR chili powder (contains other spices)

chile powder  See red chile powder

ground red pepper  See cayenne pepper

New Mexican red chile powder  See red chile powder.

palillo  Substitutes:  turmeric (use half as much)

pizza pepper  See red pepper flakes.

red chile powder = chile powder = New Mexican red chile powder  Notes:   Red chile powder is made from hot red chiles that have been dried and ground.  Don't confuse chile powder with chili powder, a mixed spice for making chili.  Substitutes:  cayenne pepper OR paprika (milder) OR chile oil

red pepper  See cayenne pepper.

red pepper flakes = crushed red pepper = pizza pepper Notes:  These are dried cayenne peppers that have been crushed.  They're often sprinkled on pizza to add heat.  Substitutes:  cayenne pepper (use less) OR chili paste (use twice as much) 

roucou  See annatto seed.


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