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pepper  Varieties:  These come in different colors and potencies. Green peppercorns are packed in brine, vinegar, or salt soon after they're picked. They're mild and soft and can be eaten whole.  Black pepper and  white pepper are both dried, and sold either ground or as whole peppercorns.  Black pepper has a stronger flavor and is far more popular than white; many cooks just use white pepper when they want to avoid having black specks in a light-colored sauce.  It's best to buy whole peppercorns and grind them yourself, since ground pepper loses its potency quickly. Pink peppercorns aren't true peppercorns, but they have a very mild, peppery flavor.  Substitutes:  coriander seeds 



black pepper = black peppercorns   Substitutes:  white pepper (less pungent, more delicate flavor) OR ground papaya seeds OR green peppercorns (softer, fresher tasting)

green pepper= green peppercorns  Substitutes:  pink peppercorns OR (as a substitute for brine-cured green peppercorns) capers


pink peppercorns = red peppercorns  Substitutes:  green peppercorns

white pepper = white peppercorns   Substitutes:  black pepper (more pungent than white pepper, leaves black specks in white sauces)


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