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Indian Herb & Spice Mixes


chat masala = chaat masala   To make your own:  Roast in a pan one tablespoon coriander seeds and two tablespoons cumin seeds, then grind them along with two tablespoons black peppercorns, one tablespoon crushed dried red chile peppers, one tablespoon amchoor powder, and one tablespoon salt.   Substitutes:  garam masala

curry powder  To make your own:  Combine equal parts ground coriander, ground cumin, ground pepper, turmeric, and ground ginger OR 4 parts ground coriander + 2 parts ground cumin + 2 parts ground tumeric + 1 part ground ginger (For more variations, visit the Illinois Cooperative Extension Service's Curry--Ingredients page, or the recipe for Curry Powder posted on RecipeSource.com.)

five-spice  See:  1.  Chinese five-spice powder 2.  panch phoron

garam masala = Indian sweet spice mix = sweet spice mix   Notes:   You can buy this either whole or ground.  Durban is a well-regarded brand.  To make your own:  2 parts ground cardamom + 5 parts ground coriander + 4 parts ground cumin + 2 parts ground black pepper + 1 part ground cloves + 1 part ground cinnamon + 1 part ground nutmeg  (Adapted from a recipe in Substituting Ingredients by Becky Sue Epstein and Hilary Dole Klein.  See my sources.) or see the recipe for Garam Masala posted on RecipeSource.com.  Substitutes:  equals parts cumin, pepper, cloves, and nutmeg, all ground OR curry powder (spicier, different flavor)

Indian sweet spice mix

masala  Notes:  This is the catch-all Hindi term for a spice mixture.  Popular masalas include garam masala, chat masala, and sambar masala.  

panch phoron = panch pharon = panchphoran = five spice  Notes:   This is a Bengali spice mix that combines aniseed, cumin, fenugreek, mustard and nigella.  Don't confuse it with Chinese five spice powder, which is completely different.  Substitutes:  garam masala OR curry powder

sweet spice mix

tandoori seasoning   To make your own:  See the Tandoori Rub posting on RecipeSource.com.



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