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Fruit Syrups

berry syrup  Notes:   Berry syrups make a wonderful topping to pancakes, waffles, French toast, oatmeal, ice cream, pies, and other dishes.  To make your own:   See the recipe for Sweet Berry Syrups on recipegoldmine.com, or for Berry Syrup on RecipeSource.  

currant syrup = cassis syrup =  sirop de cassis   To make your own:   Includes black currant syrup, the most popular kind, red currant syrup, and white currant syrupTo make your own:  See the Currant Syrup recipe on RecipeSource.com. Substitutes:  creme de cassis (an alcoholic liqueur)

grenadine = grenadine syrup = pomegranate syrup   Pronunciation:  greh-nuh-DEEN   Notes:  This is a bright red, sweet syrup that's used in several mixed drinks.  Most, but not all, grenadines are non-alcoholic.  To make your own:  See the Grenadine recipe on RecipeSource.com.   Substitutes:  unsweetened pomegranate juice (preferred by many who consider grenadine to be cloyingly sweet) OR crème de cassis OR raspberry syrup OR cocktail cherry juice OR pomegranate molasses (not nearly as sweet) OR cranberry juice cocktail concentrate

maraschino syrup  Notes:  This is a very sweet cherry-flavored syrup.  Look for it in liquor stores.

pomegranate molasses = concentrated pomegranate juice   Notes:   This tart Middle Eastern syrup became trendy a few years ago when Western cooks discovered that it adds zing to meat glazes, sauces, and soups.  It also makes a wonderful topping for ice cream, and it can be mixed with soda water to make a tasty non-alcoholic drink. Look for bottles of it in Middle Eastern markets or gourmet stores.  Store it in the refrigerator, where it will keep almost indefinitely.  Don't confuse pomegranate molasses with grenadine, which is much sweeter.   Substitutes:  cranberry juice concentrate OR pomegranate juice OR balsamic vinegar OR verjus (Like pomegranate molasses, this makes a delicious non-alcoholic drink when mixed with soda water.) OR creme de cassis (in mixed drinks) OR grenadine (This is much sweeter than pomegranate molasses.)

pomegranate syrup

raspberry syrup   Notes:  Torani is a well-known brand.  Substitutes: grenadine

Rose's lime juice  Notes:  This British concoction is a syrup based on key lime juice.  It's often called for in gimlets and other drink recipes.  Substitutes:  sweet and sour mix OR lime juice

sour cherry syrup = morello cherry syrup   To make your own:  See the Sour Cherry Syrup recipe on RecipeSource.com.



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