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Semi-Soft Cheeses

These cheeses are great for snacking or desserts, and a few are heat-tolerant enough to be good cooking cheeses.

Many cheeses lose character when frozen, but many semi-soft cheeses can be frozen and thawed without losing too much flavor, though some become crumbly. For best results, first cut the cheese into small (1/2 pound) chunks, and wrap each chunk in an airtight package. Thaw in the refrigerator, and use the cheese soon after it's thawed.

Most semi-soft cheeses are made with cow's milk. Cheeses made with sheep's milk, like Fiore Sardo or Ossau-Iraty, have more butterfat, which make them richer and creamier. Cheeses made with goat's milk, like Syrian cheese, tend to have a tangy, earthy, and sometimes barnyard flavor.

This is a cheese-lover's cheese, with a complex nutty flavor. It's a good melting cheese that's often used to make fondues. Try heating it a bit and serving it with crusty French bread.
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