Miscellaneous Cuts Category

Miscellaneous Cuts
This category includes cuts taken from different parts of the carcass, including ground beef, stew meat, and soup bones.
beef bones, beef bones, beef soup bones
beef bones
These are usually boiled with other ingredients to make a flavorful soup base. The meatier the better.
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beef cube steak, cube steak
beef cube steak
This is a relatively tough cut of meat that the butcher tenderizes by turning it almost into hamburger. In some parts of the country, a minute steak is a small, thin sirloin steak.
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beef oxtail, oxtail
beef oxtail
Cooks use these to make oxtail soup. Each oxtail weighs about 2 pounds.
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beef shank, beef shank
beef shank
This isn't a tender cut, but it's rich in flavor and great for making soups.
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ground beef, ground beef, Ground chuck, Ground round, Ground sirloin
ground beef
This varies in quality depending upon what part of the carcass the meat came from. Ground chuck has a high fat content, which means it makes the juiciest hamburgers and meatloaf. Ground round is very lean, and a good choice if you're trying to reduce the fat in your diet. Ground sirloin is also lean, but it's more flavorful (and more expensive) than ground round.
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stew beef, beef for stew, diced beef, stew beef
stew beef
These cubes of meat are tough enough to require slow cooking in a liquid. Don't use them for kabobs--they're too tough for the grill.
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