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ajwa date, kurma ajwa, ajwa al madina
ajwa dates
These dark skinned ajwa dates are grown around Medina, Saudi Arabia. They were said to have been a favorite of the prophet Mohammad.
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barhi date (fresh)
barhi dates (fresh)
These yellow barhi dates can be peeled and eaten fresh or dried.
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date, dried date
These are rich in flavor, nutrients, and calories. Medjool dates are richer and meatier than the other Deglet Noor dates. Other varieties include Khalas, sukkary, barhi, medjool, ajwa and kimia. If you plan to chop them, look for cooking dates, date pieces, or pressed dates--they're a lot cheaper than the exquisite dessert dates that are intended to be eaten whole. Don't confuse dates with fresh dates, which are hard to find in supermarkets. To learn about different varieties of dates, click here.
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dates (fresh)
dates (fresh)
Fresh dates are sometimes available at farmer's markets in the late summer. They're crunchy, and not as sweet as dried dates.
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deglet noor date, deglet nour
deglet noor dates
These honey sweet translucent deglet noor dates are enjoyed in North Africa. They originated in Algeria.
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halawi date
halawi dates
These amber-colored sweet chewy halawi dates are grown extensively in Iraq.
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khalas date
khalas dates
Khalas dates originated in Saudi Arabia.
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kimia date
kimia dates
These dark kimia dates are grown widely in southern Iran. They are moist and soft.
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medjool date, Medjool, Majhul
medjool dates
These large sweet medjool dates are very popular. If picked early they are called rutab dates. They originated in Tafilalt, Morocco but are enjoyed around the world.
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sukkary date, royal dates, kurma sukari
sukkary dates
Sukkary dates are golden yellow, dry, soft and sweet. They are commonly grown in Saudi Arabia.
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