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Asian Squash
angled loofa, angled loofah, ridged gourd, ribbed loofah, sinkwa towelsponge
angled loofa
A native of Pakistan, this mild vegetable has a slightly bitter edge that pairs well with sweet and acidic ingredients in stir-fry dishes. You can also eat it raw, or dry it to make a loofa sponge. You can leave the peel on, but some people find the flavor off-putting. Remove any large seeds if you wish to cut the bitterness.
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bitter melon, ampalaya, balsam pear, bitter apple, bitter cucumber
bitter melon
This bitter vegetable is believed to have medicinal properties and is widely used throughout Asia.
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cousa squash
cousa squash
This Middle-Eastern summer squash looks a lot like spaghetti squash, only it has a thin, edible skin. It's similar to zucchini, but its larger size makes it a natural for stuffing.
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fuzzy melon, Chi qua, fuzzy gourd, hairy cucumber, hairy melon, moqua, wax gourd
fuzzy melon
This sweet and mild squash has a fuzzy feel to it.
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Indian bitter melon, balsam pear, bitter apple, bitter melon, bitter squash
Indian bitter melon
This is fairly bitter. Choose melons that are bright green. They turn tough and yellow as they age. You can eat the peels and seeds, or scrape out the seeds to reduce the bitterness.
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opo squash, cucuzza, long squash, bottle gourd, calabash, New Guinea bean
opo squash
This is a mild squash, similar to zucchini.
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winter melon, tallow gourd, winter gourd, Chinese preserving melon, ash gourd
winter melon
This Asian squash-like fruit has a mild flavor similar to a cucumber. It should be peeled, seeded, and cooked before eating. Don't confuse it with sweet melons like Honeydews or cantaloupes, which sometimes also go by the name "winter melons."
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