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Lamb Breast Cuts
The breast gives us spareribs, along with some other meat that's usually made into ground lamb.
Denver ribs, Denver lamb ribs, lamb ribs
Denver ribs
This includes seven or eight ribs from the breast. These can be braised, but they're more often marinated and grilled.
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lamb shank, lamb fore shank, lamb foreshank, lamb hind shank, lamb hindshank
lamb shank
When you buy this, you're usually getting the lamb fore shank = lamb foreshank, but sometimes you'll get the lamb hind shank = lamb hindshank. Don't confuse the shank with the shank half lamb leg, which is a bigger and nicer cut. Shanks are fairly lean and if they're braised slowly, the meat pulls apart into delicious, juicy strands. You can also cube the meat for stews or grind it. Lamb shanks can also stand in for veal shanks in osso bucco.
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lamb spareribs, lamb riblets
lamb spareribs
These are cut from the breast and usually trimmed of fat. They're best broiled, barbecued or braised.
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