Lamb Shoulder Category

Lamb Shoulder
Several economical, if bony, cuts come from the shoulder.
lamb blade chop, lamb shoulder blade chop, lamb shoulder block
lamb blade chop
These are usually broiled, grilled, or pan-fried.
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lamb neck slices, lamb neck for stew, lamb neck pieces, lamb stew bone-in
lamb neck slices
These are usually braised or made into stew.
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lamb shoulder chop, lamb arm chop, lamb arm cut chop, lamb round bone chop
lamb shoulder chop
These chops are a bit chewy, but very flavorful. They're usually braised, broiled or grilled. The round bone in them is a cross-section of the arm bone.
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lamb shoulder roast, boneless rolled shoulder, lamb shoulder block
lamb shoulder roast
This is a tasty roast, but it's very hard to carve with the bone in. To make carving easier, butchers will bone it and sell it as a boneless rolled shoulder, or they'll slice the roast into blade chops and then tie them together as a pre-sliced shoulder roast = pre-carved shoulder roast
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